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OEM/ODM Coating Thickness Gauge JD-2493_JD-2496B Silver
Spec: The F probes measure the thickness of non-magnetic materials on magnetic materials. The N probes measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metals.
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* Landtek Instruments provide OEM/ODM services, specifically for customers to order unique instrument products, so that the product in the shape, color, function, distinguish from the same type of other products. This product difference performance, effectively improve product market competitiveness and achieve win-win situation.
* Optional data memory. Can store the new data in 99 groups.
* Two measuring methods: magnetic induction (F) and eddy current (N)
* Two measurement mode: Single and Continuous(Notice:Continuous mode is convenient to measure the coating thickness of curved objects and tiny objects.)
* Metric/imperial system selectable.
* Manual or automatic shut down.
* Automatic memory of calibration value,and automatic recognize the substrate.
* Operation process have buzzing reminder,while no buzzing in continuous mode.
* Use USB/RS-232 data output to connect with PC.
* Provide Bluetooth data output choice.
* Separate Type can provide several type probe, measure can be more flexibility.



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